Do not believe everything the media tell you

Do not believe everything the media tell you



By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Always have the guard of skepticism to sit at the gate of your mind, filter news and make sure not every information is let in.


The media world is awash with big news that are fake. Not only fake news, but fake events and fake belligerences and wars too. Yes, fake wars, fake disputes and "ironical slogans of countering Iran" that in fact hide behind them strategic alliances with Iran!!  Believe it or not.

Many people have this guard   but it gets tired in the face of falsehoods knocking the brain's door too many times insisting to enter.

The difference between the smart and the stupid is that the smart's guard stays impervious to disinformation forever. The stupid's skepticism endurance is usually not able to last long.

I am noticing that millions of people have started to believe that S…di ..bia and the U..E are at real war with Houthis! I wonder how come they have been duped even if the past seven years even reinforced evidence to the opposite

I can never believe this pair is at disagreement with Houthis or intent on inflicting any harm on the Shiit militia even if the whole  world turn into propagendists for it and keep saying it in my ears six hundred zillion years and fifteen billion months. In fact, repetition will have an adverse effect on me. In 2015 I never believed it. Today I never ever ever believe it. And I feel I can't put up with the lie being said to me or mentioned near me

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