Shia extremists shell Taiz main hospital, injure civilians nearby

Shia extremists shell Taiz main hospital, injure civilians nearby

Yemen's Shia Houthi extremists fired sporadic shells on the main hospital in the besieged city of Taiz Saturday night and early Sunday, injuring two civilians in a nearby neighborhood, local sources have said.

The shells landed in the yard of the Al-Thawra Hospital and nearby Al-Huda neighborhood injuring Ahmed Abdullah and Mohammed Alsharaabi, two civilians who happened to be in the neighborhood, and causing locals in large part of the city to panic.  Most of the shells fortunately hit blank lands, residents of Al-Shammasi region said.

The Houthi militia repeatedly kill civilians by intentionally indiscriminate shelling on neighborhoods, sniper shooting of civilians and other means.

Taiz, a city of three million residents most of them IDPs, has been subject to a semi-circle Houthi siege since 2015 and depending only on one dangerous and crumbling mountain pass to admit food and commercial goods from the southern city of Aden.

Even though there are no blockades in Yemen except the one that Houthis impose on Taiz city rendering it more like a dot in the map of their controlled north, the UN persists in advancing outcries over Yemen blockades from the Shia extremists' perspective: The so-called blockade on Sana'a Airport and Hodeidah Seaport.

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