Houthi landmine kills two children in Yemen Red Sea province

Houthi landmine kills two children in Yemen Red Sea province

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Two children were killed by a landmine planted by the Houthi militia in the western Yemeni governorate of Hodeidah on Saturday, informed sources have said.

The Yemeni Observatory for Landmines said that the two children (Khaled Abdo Halabi, 15, and Yasser Ahmed Dhalafi, 17) were killed by a Houthi mine explosion in the village of Al-Warah in the Al-Khowkha district, south of the Red Sea governorate of Hodeidah. During the seven-year Yemeni war, the Shiit terrorist organisation of Houthis have killed and maimed thousands of Yemeni civilians by landmines alone, which poses a problem to the UN not wanting the Shia to be viewed as terrorists. But the UN has got a solution for that: Ignoring the distinguished terrorist nature of Houthi Shia and using all-side-ism and bothside-ism method ( in human rights reports and in Security Council briefings as in the latest one) to present the Houthis as average rights abusers not worse than any other warring party. With this fallacy, the UN feels safe its Shia babies won't be called terrorists.


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