Houthi landmines left dozens of casualties in just two weeks: Press Summary

Houthi landmines left dozens of casualties in just two weeks: Press Summary

  1. As many as 38 civilians were killed and 50 others were wounded by Houthi landmines in Marib and Shabwa provinces in the past two weeks, the Yemeni Observatory on Landmines said./Ababeel Net and Yemen Monitor websites.
  2. An adventurous young man removes 50 Houthi landmines in Shabwa governorate/Multiple websites
  3. Before the latest Arab Coalition-backed offensive against them in Shabwa, Houthis were preparing to launch chemical attacks on Marib, director of Yemeni study center Dimensions says. There are doubts the militants used chemicals before including in an attack on Marib governor's house/Multiple websites.
  4. Starting military camps outside the regular military establishment in Hadhramout is threatening social peace/Aden Alghad
  5. A civilian has been killed and another woundedby Houthi landmine in Aljawf governorate/Al-Rashad Press
  6. Are Yemen's political parties colluding with the plot to disintegrate their country?/Almashehad Alyemeni
  7. Yemen is shocked at the UN silence over the Houthi use of the Safer oil tanker time bomb as a bargaining chip./The Arab Network for News
  8. Sources say Yemen's Hadi is slated to pay visit to Qatarto renormalize the two country's relations/Multiple websites
  9. Houthi militia kidnap 32 civilians in Beidha governorate/Al-Rashad Press
  10. The Houthi militia killed a child before the eyes of his father in Aljawf on Friday, in the second crime of its kind within two days /Khabar News Agency
  11. Houthis are pressuring Sana'a tribes including the tribe of Bani Matar to declare compulsory mobilization ofyoung members to the warfronts amidst tribal refusals/Multiple websites
  12. The leader of a demining team has been killed while dismantling a Houthi landmines farm west of Shabwa province/ Almashehad Alyemeni.
  13. Houthi militant throws bomb on a gathering place for the militia's new military recruits in Sana'a/Khabar News agency website.
  14. A man in his 20s shot dead his mother and sister and injured his brother in the family's house in Sana'a on Friday/Yemen Voice..

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