Al-Mahweet: Houthis confiscate relief, assault team of assistance

Al-Mahweet: Houthis confiscate relief, assault team of assistance

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh have arrested a member of a humanitarian assistance distribution team and assaulted another one while they were distributing humanitarian assistance in the town of al-Mahweet

Local sources in al-Mahweet governorate affirmed that Houthi militias broke into al-Khansa School and looted the assistance provided by relief organizations

They said that they arrested Mohammed Ali al-Nuzaili, a son of a leader of the General People's Congress in al-Mahweet, and took him into a security department.

Meanwhile, the militias broke into the house of Shawqi Saleh Sagheer al-Sayrani in the town of al-Mahweet, kidnapped him, took him into an unknown destination and ransacked its content.

Local people of al-Mahweet told Alsahwah Net that popular discontent is amounting against the militias in al-Mahweet governorate due arbitrary acts.

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