Taiz is completely besieged after an accident closes its only road: Press Summary

Taiz is completely besieged after an accident closes its only road: Press Summary


  1. A truck accident (due to constant drizzling) caused on Sunday afternoon a blockage to the only humanitarian passageway for the besieged [central Yemen] city of Taiz, the dangerous winding mountainous road of Hayjat Al-Abd. The blockage is continuing until this Monday/Multiple websites/
  2. Parliamentarian Mohammed Al-Himyari: Hayjat Al-Abd, the only exit for besieged Taiz, is a road to death./Newsline website
  3. Houthis resort to their dirty trick to stop the advance of the army in Naaman district of Beidha: Bombing bridges./Sawt Al-Watan (Voice of the Homeland) website
  4. Union of Yemeni Teachers: Houthis are changing the religious concepts in educational curricula to serve Iran's expansionist goals./Almashehad Alkhaleeji website
  5. Sources: Saudi Arabia will deposit USD 5 billion to the Yemeni central bank to recover the local currency's deteriorated value tomorrow Tuesday, special sources have said./Al-Yawm Al-Tase'a
  6. Houthis are enlisting Ethiopean fighters to the war./Aden Alghad
  7. Houthis have confiscated the (weapons) cargo of the vessel Rawabi, while the coalition limits its reaction to threats./Newsline
  8. Several civilians (passengers) were killed in separate landmine explosions that ripped through five cars in the road between Marib and Shabwa on Sunday. The landmines were left by Houthi militants who withdrew under the pressure of battles with the Arab Coalition-backed Giants Brigades forces/Multiple websites
  9. The Yemeni rial deteriorates again. The central bank fails to resuscitate it/Yemen Sky



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