Military engineers dismantle 700 Houthi landmines south of Marib: Press Summary

Military engineers dismantle 700 Houthi landmines south of Marib: Press Summary

  1. Engineers of the Yemeni army have dismantled 700 landmines the Houthi militia planted south of Marib/Alsahwa Net (the Arabic version of this) website.

  2. Are the Giants Brigades' battle and gains going to continue beyond Shabwa to restore the Yemeni hopes of defeating the Houthis?/Muraqiboon Press
  3. A man and his wife died after they saved their child from an electrical shock in Abyan on Friday. It is one families displaced by the Houthi militia/Multiple websites.
  4. Shabwa's former governor Bin Edeiw welcomes the liberation of three areas in Shabwa/Multiple websites.
  5. An elderly Yemeni woman steals driven by hunger. Reckless young men punish her in an ill-mannered way./Anaween Post
  6. Yemen's Vice President receives thank-you letter from the Deputy Emir of Qatar and Crown Prince of Bahrain in response to his good wishes to them on their countries' national days./Multiple websites.
  7. As the Giant Brigades' offensive to liberate Beidha begins, Houthis roam Sana'a villages in search for new fighters./Almashehad Alyemeni.
  8. The Yemeni riyal recovers slightly as the closure of unlicensed money exchange businesses continues./Almahrah Alghad
  9. The Southern Transitional Council militia threaten the central bank's new governor over his decision to close money exchange businesses owned by people from Yafe'a and Dhale'a ( the regions where the militia's leaders mostly hail from) /Akhbar Taiz
  10. The Houthi landmine is a misery that will last long into the future/Aden Alghad


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