Houthis amass large number of fighters to eastern Yemen frontlines

Houthis amass large number of fighters to eastern Yemen frontlines




Yemen's Houthis are amassing a large number of fighters from their regions of control in northwest Yemen, subjecting them to brainwashing, hasty military training and deploying them to the country's frontlines in Marib and Shabwa, informed sources have confirmed.


The extremist Shia have reportedly been recruiting hundreds of people including children from schools in the northern Yemen provinces including the capital Sana'a, Dhamar, and Taiz and subjecting them to Shiit radicalization courses and sending them to the frontlines in Shabwa province and Marib province where a war with government forces has been raging continuously for years and around the clock since February 2021.


As more Houthi fighters and military vehicles, confrontations are getting more ferocious in Al-Kassarah and Al-Balaq fronts in Marib, according to a source in the city that hosts more than two million Sunni civilian escapees from the terror organization..

The Houthi years long barbaric war on Marib including the continuous firing of ballistic missiles is met with an international silence and public and secret pressures and advancement of the Houthi interests.


From the beginning of the war, many international actors sought to handcuff Yemeni army keeping it unable to import any arms and keeping government-held cities like Marib dependent on Arab coalition strikes for day-by-day survival, while the sectarian Shia enjoy a near complete freedom to keep importing arms and fighting an endless "holy" war against the Sunni majority.


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