Gunmen bomb oil pipeline in Shabwa: Press Summary

Gunmen bomb oil pipeline in Shabwa: Press Summary


  1. Gunmen bombed a crude oil pipleline in Hiban area of Shabwa (Yemen's east) on Monday, the first attack of its kind in the new year/ Almashehad Alkhaleeji, Yeni Yemen, and other websites
  2. A Houthi landmine killed Abdurahman Mohammed Ali Hassan, 22, and injured Ahmed Ali Salem Nihari, two civilians in Hodeidah governorate (west of Yemen), the Yemeni Landmines Observatory said on Sunday. The Saudi mine action program (MASAM) operating in Yemen has said it had extracted 300 thousand landmines planted by the Houthi militia until the end of 2021/Alharf 28 website
  3. Houthi militants are luring the marginalized people (of African origin) to fight on their side in return for granting them Yemeni citizenship/Yemen Voice
  4. Yemeni riyal makes new drop against hard currencies/24 Post
  5. Fighting is getting fierce in Al-Balaq and Al-Kassara fronts in Marib/Multiple websites
  6. Houthis set ablaze dozens of houses belonging to Tihami Forces affiliate soldiers in Hodeidah/Aden Alghad and other websites
  7. Germany is seeking to retrieve 11 tanks from Houthis. The tanks were sold to Saudi Arabia but mysteriously ended up in Houthi possession/ Raya Al-Yowm, a newspaper run by Palestinian writer Abdulbari Atwan.

  8. Houthis launch a military campaign against rivals in Hawth of Amran governorate/Multiple websites
  9. A human rights organization (Rights Radar) has called for an investigation into the Houthi burning of dozens of houses belonging to oppositionists in Hodeidah./Alharf 28.
  10. Houthis heavily shell neighborhoods in Osaylan district of Shabwa and launch massive arrests of oppositionists in Bayhan district in the same governorate/Alharf 28
  11. Widespread fury over the rise of exchange rate of foreign currencies against the national riyal in Aden./Crater Sky


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