Elderly woman killed by Houthi landmine in Taiz

Elderly woman killed by Houthi landmine in Taiz


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

An elderly woman was killed by a Houthi landmine in central Yemen's Taiz province on Wednesday, local sources have said. Maryam Ahmed, nearly 50 years old, stepped on a landmine while she was walking to a local well to fetch water for her family in a road in Al-Tofayli village of Maqbana district to the west of Taiz's besieged capital.

Her body was torn apart and she died immediately, locals said.

Thousands of Yemeni civilians have lost lives or limbs in landmine explosions planted by the internationally pampered Houthi terrorist group. Yemeni sources estimated the landmines planted over the latest war [2015-2021] alone to two million.

 In order to make the Shiit group appear less terrorist than they really are, the UN consistently tries to mix the epic Houthi war crimes with the minor transgressions of the government using the bothside-ism fallacy.


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