Marib governor says Yemenis' deliverance comes through countering Houthi agenda: Press Summary

Marib governor says Yemenis' deliverance comes through countering Houthi agenda: Press Summary

  1. Yemeni people's deliverance comes through countering the loathsome sectarian and racist agenda of the Houthi [movement], says Marib governor Sultan al-Eradah/Alsahwa Net – the Arabic version of this website

  2. Yemen minister of information calls on the international communityto pressure Iran to stop interferences in Yemen/Alsahwa Net
  3. Yemen Journalists Union/Syndicate condemns Houthi threatening of reporter Ali Al-Oqabi/Multiple websites
  4. The Houthi militia introduce the story and picture of one of their child militants (killed in the battle with the government) in school curricula, amidst warnings of a catastrophic brainwashing impact on the schoolchildren in the regions of the militia's control/Newsline
  5. Houthi landmine kills a woman in Taiz governorate/Multiple websites
  6. Details of the Saudi-UAE conspiracy that removed the governor of Shabwa from his position and pressured president Hadi to appoint a loyalist to them/Yemen News Agency (YNA)
  7. Shabwa's new governor takes office appoints an official in the Real Estates Authority as the director of his office/Multiple websites
  8. Clashes erupt in Khawra of Shabwa and the government forces prevent the Giant Forces from entering Ataq Airport/Almahriya
  9. The UAE continues to violate Yemeni sovereignty and is now building a military facility in Abdel Kouri Island/ Yeni Yemen
  10. Eleven Giant Forces troopers were killed by Houthi missile in Shabwa this Thursday.
  11. Houthi ballistic missiles hit Marib/Alsahwa Net
  12. Houthis are using civilians as human shields in Shabwa and Beidha/Khabar News Agency
  13. Brig. Tareq Saleh commander of the UAE-linked Combined Forces: We will now reposition forces from the [Western] Coast to [Eastern] Shabwa./Multiple websites
  14. Arab Coalition launches airstrikes on a Houthi military camp in Shabwa/The Arab Network for News
  15. Clashes are heard in Almansoura district of Aden in dispute over property/Crater Sky
  16. The Yemeni riyal begins to lose value this Thursday again after recent improvements/Multiple websites


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