Sana'a 'MP' likens UN aid to feeding bottle for Houthis: Press Summary

Sana'a 'MP' likens UN aid to feeding bottle for Houthis: Press Summary

  1. An MP in the Houthi militia's so-called 'House of Representatives' in Sana'a said the Houthi militia quickly resumed opening Sana'a airport and receiving UN aid flights because "cutting off access to the feeding bottle" was "difficult."

 Abduh Bishr who is known for persistent dissent addressed his militia, "You couldn't bear the closure of Sana'a Airport for one weak. Cutting off access to the feeding bottle for one week was difficult for you. But withholding salaries of public servicemen, raising prices, the death of thousands of people out of disease, poverty, hunger, siege, injustice and systematic destruction of Yemen as a land and as humans is not a big issue for you."  /Bishr's Facebook.

Houthis launch massive arrests of own loyalists including 85 supervisors as rifts within the terrorist militia increase/Multiple websites

  1. Houthi militia fire ballistic missile on the Airport of Ataq in the provincial capital of Shabwa/Multiple websites

  2. Shabwa sees long power cuts for the first time since the controversial sacking of its governor by external pressures last week/Multiple websites
  3. A security checkpoint intercepts an arms shipment en route from Aden to the Houthi militia in the north –Beidha governorate/Multiple websites
  4. A southern member of the Shura (the lower chamber of the legitimate Yemeni parliament) Ali Albujayri says "Abu Dhabi continues to smuggle unmanned drones and and missiles from Aden, Mukalla and the western coast to the Houthis in Sana'a/Almahrah Alghad website
  5. Houthi sniper shot dead a child who was walking back home from school north of [central Yemen] Taiz city on Tuesday/Multiple websites.
  6. A four-year old girl was killed and other civilians were injured as the car they were riding hit a Houthi-laid landmine in Serwah district of Marib. The girl (pictured) is called Hamdah Aljahmo/Bawabati website

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