Yemen major developments and what they mean

Yemen major developments and what they mean



By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. The Houthi militia has recruited 80 new marginalized Yemenis (of African origin) to the warfronts against the government-held cities of Marib, Taiz and western coast./Aden Alghad
  2. Large numbers of dead bodies are thrown everywhere in the southern desert of Marib as Houthis double down in their non-stopping offensive on Marib.
  • My comment:Houthis will continue to send tsunami-like waves of fighters to push their way into Marib city, exploiting the international plot– drawn years ago - that keeps the Yemeni legitimate army unable to access any armament so that Marib remains unable to defend itself independently and instead stays reliant on Arab Coalition airstrikes to defend it. For a while! (until the next episode of the plot) !

  1. President Hadi has replaced governor of Shabwa Mohammed Bin Edeiw with Awadh Al-Awlaqi./Multiple websites.

  • My comment:Bin Edeiw (along with Marib's Al-Erada) are the last two governors loyal to Hadi. Hadi had systematically sacked his loyalists from key offices and appointed non-loyalists under Saudi influences that are not so benign. Now neither sitting prime minister nor any of the provincial governors (save one) answer to Hadi. One can say that Hadi's already nominal rule has come to an end and his so-called Al-Shar'iya (the legitimate government) is no longer an existing stakeholder in the country, regardless of whom the Coalition employs in the future – maybe Hadi himself - to claim otherwise.

  1. The exchange rate of the Yemeni riyal is bouncing back as the central bank sets new exchange rate for the national currency against the US dollar./Multiple websites


My comment: No sustainable improvement without tackling the factors behind the depreciation including resolving the political instability problem and securing hard currency injections (e.g. by resuming Yemen natural gas exports).

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