Massive Houthi attack on Marib leaves large number of dead bodies in the desert: Press Summary

Massive Houthi attack on Marib leaves large number of dead bodies in the desert: Press Summary

  1. The government forces repelled a ferocious massive Houthi attack on Marib in the past hours (from last midnight to this early Saturday) which left large number of dead bodies scattered in the desert/Anaween Post website
  2. Government forces repel most ferocious Houthi attack south of Marib/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  3. Bloody battles for eight hours in a row left bodies scattered in the desert/Almashehad Alyemeni
  4. A Houthi arms shipment enough to kill third the population of Marib

Almashehad Ayemeni

  1. Houthi ballistic missile kills and injures nine civilians south of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/Mareb Press
  2. Persians: An eternal hatred for Arabs/September 26
  3. Houthis and Al-Qaeda: A secret alliance that undermines the counterterrorism efforts/Yafe'a News
  4. Two civilians have wounded by a Houthi landmine in the highway connecting Marib and Aljawf provinces/ Voice of Freedom
  5. Hundreds took to the streets of [eastern Yemen] Shabwa's provincial capital to demonstrate against Saudi Arabia's pressures on exiled President Hadi to sack governor Mohammed bin Edeiw who, along with Marib's Al-Erada, are one of the last two governors both loyalist to the legitimate Yemeni government and successful in running their provinces in the largely militias-ruled Yemen. /Multiple websites
  6. Massive demonstrations took place in Taiz on Friday afternoon over the same reason and over the corruption of the local government /Multiple sources
  7. Southern Movement figure advises Hadi to refuse to bow to the Arab Coalition's pressures to appoint traitors and agents in public offices/Almahrah Alghad
  8. Senior [Shiit] Houthi militant killed two of his nephews and injured a third relative for refusing to go to the frontlines to fight against the government in Hussayniya district in Hodeidah province on Thursday./Multiple websites
  9. Eleven civilians were killed and injured by a Houthi ballistic missile fired on Marib today/Multiple websites.
  10. We are not seeing anyone in the international community condemn the Houthi atrocities, says Yemen's Religious Endowments Minister/Al-Rashad Press



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