Tens of African immigrants killed while fighting alongside Houthi militia: Press Summary

Tens of African immigrants killed while fighting alongside Houthi militia: Press Summary


  1. Recruited by incentives and threats: Tens of African immigrants have been killed while fighting alongside the Houthi rebel militia [in Yemen]/Yeni Yemen website
  2. Houthi armed militants are waging a suicidal attack on Marib/Alamashehad Alyemeni
  3. Yemen's information minister condemns Houthi militia's storming of the in-campus residence of university doctor Ahmed Al-Daghshi, the assault on his family and turning them out of their residence by force./State-run news agency 'Saba'
  4. Yemen Journalists Union condemns Houthi militia's arbitrary arrest of sports news reporter Majed Yaseen/Almahrah Alghad

  5. Unknown gunmen assassinate Special Forces commander in Yemen's southeastern Abyan governorate/Multiple websites.
  6. The living conditions of IDPs in Marib continues deteriorate/News Line
  7. After four years of displacement, two young men killed by Houti landmine upon returning to their village in Al-Doryahimi of Hodeidah/Alsahel Algharbi
  8. Government forces in eastern Yemen Shabwa seize a shipment of unmanned drones on a lorry and meant to be smuggled to Houthis for military use./Multiple websites
  9. Houthi militia inaugurate new cemeteries in central Yemen's Ibb governorate to bury the fighters falling in the militia's non-stopping war in Yemen's Marib and other frontlines./Multiple websites
  10. How the UN supports Houthis to plant landmines in Yemen/Marib Press website
  11. A generous UN support allocated from the donors' fund to support Houthi landmine planting program/Al-Sahel Algharbi

  12. Two women have been killed and a little girl has been injured in a Houthi heavy shelling on Maqbana area in Taiz/Ayn Almahrah









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