Houthis vow to keep fighting even for '100 years'

Houthis vow to keep fighting even for '100 years'

The Houthi militia have confirmed anew their intent to fight a long war until they achieve their goal of establishing a Shiit theocracy.

The deputy foreign minister in the Shiit extremist militia's self-styled government in Sana'a Hussein Al-Ezzi said in a tweet this week, "We can never neglect the rights of our people even if the war continues 100 years."

Lured by the population concentration in their regions of comtrol being a manpower reserve largely to their advantage and the international conspiratorial crippling of the army including a ban of armament, the theocratic Shiit militia have been fighting the government for seven years. They dub their military operations Alnafas Al-Taweel "Open-ended Resolve" and the main obsession they entrench into the minds of their soldiers is a vow to fight "until the Day of Judgment" and "through generations."

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