Poisoning and shooting: Houthis are assassinating many loyalists

Poisoning and shooting: Houthis are assassinating many loyalists

The Houthi militia have recently turned on loyalists in their areas of control assassinating them by poisoning and fire shooting, sources say.

Sources in Al-Baydha said Saleh Al-Wahbi a tribal chieftain and leader of Al-Wahbi Battalions who died under suspicious circumstances in the central Yemen province )Al-Baydha) last week had been poisoned for refusing to recruit more members of his tribe to the ranks of the militia to fight against the government in Marib.

Other sources said the militia assassinated two tribal chieftains in Maqbana district of Taiz, another central Yemen province, in the same week for the same reason.

Local sources in Sana'a province said the militia also assassinated a health worker by the name Jamil Hassan Shaathan on Wednesday after refusing to offer emergency services in the frontlines of Marib where the militia is fighting a protracted war against the government.

The militiamen confiscated Shaathan's funds, opened fire on him and dumped his body near Bani Hoshaysh, a Sana'a outskirt.

The bigoted Shiit militia frequently assassinate loyalists who show reluctance to follow orders, including orders to go to the ever raging war or enlist others.


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