Marib: Eight hundred casualties in just 48 hours

Marib: Eight hundred casualties in just 48 hours




Eight hundred fighters have been killed and injured in Marib's outskirts in the past 48 hours as Shia Houthi militants are accelerating their push to control the government-held city in Yemen's east, informed sources said on Sunday evening.

One source said on the condition of anonymity the Houthi militants "are deploying hundreds of fighters almost everyday and the clashes in Marib's southern frontlines in the past 48 hours have resulted in nearly 800 casualties most of them Houthi invaders." Another source escorting the army said the Houthi militia "have been hundreds of fighters on a daily basis for 11 months now. The fighting rages on a 24 hour basis and the deserts are replete with decaying bodies at any given moment," he said.

"It seems they don't care if they will sacrifice millions of their misled fighters from the commons. They never care, except about the members of their raciest dynasty."


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