Arming the army is the road to peace in Yemen: Press Summary

Arming the army is the road to peace in Yemen: Press Summary


  1. As Marib resists (,the Iranian aggression) on behalf of Yemen and the Arabs, the irregularity must be fixed, says Yemeni writer Mohammed Jumayh, referring to the Yemeni government forces' lack for any heavy weaponry compared to the well-armed Houthi rebels. He said arming the Yemeni army is a must and is the road to peace./Yemen News Agency YNA website
  1. Five civilians have been killed in the explosion of two Houthi landmines in [north Yemen's] Aljawf province/Aden Alghad website
  2. Houthis are sending huge military reinforcements towards Marib/Newsline
  3. Hospitals in San'a, Dhamar and capacity are out of order due to heavy casualty toll amongst Houthi militants fighting against the government forces in Marib/Aden Alghad
  4. Clashes between the gov't forces and Houthis have renewed in the most important front in Marib/Almashehad Alyemeni
  5. After suffering heavy losses in Marib, Houthis promote 'security supervisors' to the rank of commanders of 'brigades' that they have to form and recruit (fighters to) by themselves.
  6. An Iranian helicopter in Marib/Yemen News Agency (YNA)
  7. A Yemeni captain says Houthis have 12 helicopters inherited from Saleh's regime/ Newsline
  8. The Yemeni army downs a Houthi helicopter in Marib.

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