Islah calls for urgent investigation into assassination of one of its members

Islah calls for urgent investigation into assassination of one of its members


Yemen's Congregation for Reform (Islah) party has condemned the assassination of its senior member Eehab Bawazeer by unknown gunmen in the southern port of Aden on Tuesday.

The party in a statement renewed its call on the country's presidency and the government to ensure that this assassination and all the previous assassinations against Islah members to be urgently investigated, the bloodshed process be halted and the peaceful and civilian character of Aden city to be restored.

"The criminal, cowardly hands, on Tuesday morning, 7 December 2021, assassinated the senior Islah figure in the temporary capital Aden Eehab Bawazeer the director of the Quran Memorization Schools Department in the Education Ministry's provincial office," read the Islah statement.

The statement said the terrorist crime "came days after the attempt on the life of Dr. Mohammed Aqlan, the chairman of the Islah's Advisory Council in Aden province .. and the vice rector of Aden's (main) university."


"The bloody hands have become used to these terrorist operations against the members of the Islah and other political and social groups in Aden in an implementation of a plot meant to clear Aden from its educated, social and political elite …[the terrorists are] lured by the silence of the government, the presidential office and the international community."

The Islah said the lapse of time won't bar the prosecution of these crimes whenever law and justice start to prevail and the long series of terrorist operations against the Islah won't push the party to veer off the road of adopting the Yemeni people's ambitions for a decent, dignified  life."


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