Hundreds launch revolution of the hungry in Yemen's besieged Taiz city

Hundreds launch revolution of the hungry in Yemen's besieged Taiz city

Hundreds of people in Yemen's besieged city of Taiz launched on Sunday the "the  revolution of the hungry" after the depreciation of the national currency reached a shocking level.

 The Yemeni riyal registered this week 1717 against the UD dollar from 2015 in 2010 causing a prohibitive rise of food prices and pushing millions of Yemenis closer than ever to famine.

The protesters chanted slogans "Our revolution is a revolution of hungry" people and harshly attacked president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi for bowing to the pressures of the Arab Coalition to stay in exile and appoint UAE loyalist Maeen Abdulmalik as a prime minister who totally ignores the suffering of the Yemeni people and serves the UAE occupational agendas in Yemen.

The protesters also attacked the conspiracies of the United Nations and the Arab coalition by weakening the government and surrendering Yemen to Iran and its Houthi proxy little by little calling it a conspiracy.

The protesters said the Houthi militia were the authors of the Yemeni miseries that started more than six years ago and the foreigners are only opportunists who came and exploited Yemen's vulnerability to achieve their agendas.

They vowed to continue the protests until the government is removed, Taiz's strangling siege by the Houthi militia is removed and the economy is fixed.



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