Yemen chamber of commerce warns president Hadi of coming famine: Press Summary

Yemen chamber of commerce warns president Hadi of coming famine: Press Summary


  1. The Yemeni Chamber of Commerce has sent a letter to President Hadi warning him of coming famine as the national currency collapses./ Multiple websites
  2. The Yemeni riyal falls to an all-time low against foreign currencies. A dollar is traded for YR 1717 in Aden./Multiple websites
  3. Bakeries largely close in besieged Taiz city/ Multiple websites.
  4. Yemen ex-foreign minister says 'silence over the depreciation of the currency is part of the crimes against human rights/Aden Alghad
  5. Yemen's Defense Minister says some UN planes are being used to smuggle weapons to Houthis/Multiple websites
  6. Marib's fronts are witnessing ferocious confrontations as Houthis deploy new swarms of fighters/Yemen Time
  7. The people and leaders of Azal federal region assert the commitment to step up the efforts for ending the Houthi coup/Saba
  8. The biggest Yemeni tribe of Hamdan in Sana'a threaten a revolution against Houthis if they continue to strip them of their real estate properties/Yemeni Sport.
  9. A massive rally took place in Taiz on Friday over the collapse of the national currency and the Arab Coalition's chance of course from supporting the government to weakening it. They demanded the coalition to allow the government to resume exporting gas and prevent famine in the country./Multiple websites
  10. A senior military commander Hilal Mushabbab who hails from Saada has martyred in the battles with the Houthi militia in Marib/Multiple websites

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