Military war, currency war, rumor war, and agricultural war. Yemenis, let not the Shia outsmart you

Military war, currency war, rumor war, and agricultural war. Yemenis, let not the Shia outsmart you


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Besides, the military war, currency war, and rumor war, Houthis are launching a new kind of war that few people might notice: An agricultural war.

Pro-Houthi websites and portals are currently mounting a disinformation campaign warning of the risks of eating bananas, guavas, and other crops and sometimes processed foods (e.g. yoghurt ) produced in regions resisting Houthis or by farms and comcompanies owned by traders from outside the Shiit sect.

These media on the other hand keep promoting the health benefits of pomegranates, grapes and other crops produced in the regions of the militia or farms owned by the Houthi militants themselves.

A smart (skeptical) reader browsing through Masader net portal, Ethraa website and other pro-Houthi media outlets will notice this clearly.

Only a skeptical reader will notice a subtle disinformation campaign in these reports that Houthi editors these days  keep top of our news portals and make appear like new health studies or innocent health tips.

The subtle Houthi wars are as stubborn and tireless as as the militia's obvious military push. Yemenis, this exotic dynasty of Shia terrorists are fighting a punctilious war against you. I have recently noticed Houthi websites promoting crops grown in their regions (or farms) and demoting  crops grown by oppositionists

They pay too much attention to the harm  infliction ways that you consider trivial.

Always suspect a Houthi motive in what you read and encounter. Houthis bury their carefully.chosen ideaI in our daily information sources like they  bury landmines in our roads.

Let not these Shia murderers outsmart you and fight invisible wars against you without you even noticing.

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