Increasing signs of rifts between Houthis and tribesmen in Sana'a: Press Summary

Increasing signs of rifts between Houthis and tribesmen in Sana'a: Press Summary

  1. Increasing signs of rifts between Houthimilitants and their allied tribal leaders in Sana'a as the latter accuse the former of draining their reserve of young men into the battlefronts/Multiple websites
  2. Signs that the end of Houthis is getting nearer: Tribal chieftains in Sana'a decline to Houthi fighter supply request and threaten to overthrow the militia's rule/Yemen Voice website
  3. Unprecedented tensions between Houthis and Sana'a belt tribes/ Voice of Yemen.
  4. Arms depot explodes as Arab Coalition hits Houthi military targets in Sana'a / Crater Sky

  5. Information Minister: Iran's and Iran-affiliated sectarian militia's open claim of support to Houthis is a striking call of the international community's bluff. /Yemen Voice
  6. Arab Coalition hits 12 Houthi military vehicles and kills 90 Houthi terrorists near Marib /Mareb Press website
  7. The Yemeni riyal keeps losing value against other currencies/Multiple websites
  8. Houthi militias kidnap six tribal chieftains in north Yemen's Hajjah governorate over refusing to supply them with more fighters in the war against the government/Tihama Federal Region.
  9. Why does the US and European governments support the terrorist Houthi militia?/Opinion by Aden Alshojaa on multiple websites

- A Houthi sniper shoots injured a woman in Taiz, the latest in a series of thousands of terrorist crimes the Houthi militia have committed against women, children, elderly and other unarmed civilians/ Aden Voice.

  1. Anticipating the advance of the pro-government Tihami forces, Houthi militias blow up bridges and concrete water tunnels in the highway between Hodeidah and Taiz./Multiple websites
  2. An accident involving a lorry causes a blockage of Hayjat Al-Abd, a dangerous and narrow mountain road that forms the only humanitarian conduit for Yemen's third largest city of Taiz besieged by Houthi militants/Multiple websites.

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