A lesson in mathematics from Aljooba

A lesson in mathematics from Aljooba

By Abdulkhalek Atashan
14700 slain Houthi militants in five months = 2940 slain a month.
2940 slain militants a month over 30 days = 98 slain a day
98 slain a day over 24 hours = 4 militants slain each hour.
For the past 5 months, four militiamen have lost life in Aljooba front and other outskirts of Marib every hour. What do you make then of the toll in rest of the warfronts over the past 6 years??
All these lives get lost under the slogan of liberating Al-Quds and 'death to Israel' in the Yemeni Maribi district of Alooba and outskirts of the provincial capital. 
The real motive is to consolidate the rule of a dynastic theocratic racist Iranian man. 
As the proverb goes, 'The stone is from the ground and the blood is from the head of the tribesman.'  
When will the tribesman wake up???

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