Houthi militants execute and mutilate captive government soldiers : Press Summary

Houthi militants execute and mutilate captive government soldiers : Press Summary

  1. The pro-government Tihama Forces fighting the Houthi militia said on Monday the Houthis executed and mutilated a number of government soldiers in the militia's captivity./Multiple websites
  2. The Yemeni government accuses Houthis of totally undermining the Stockholm Agreement /Yemen Voice
  3. The Tihama Resistance Force in [western Yemen's] Hodeidah are arranging to form a military council to continue the struggle against the Houthi militia independently from the UAE-controlled Combined Forces umbrella that has just surrendered most the Red Sea port governorate to Houthis in a sudden and disasterous withdrawal./Multiple media outlets.
  4. The Tihama Forces say in a statement the withdrawal of their fellow factions in the Combined Forces is part of long standing "conspiracies that have always targeted us.". The UAE has masterminded the fall of Beidha, Bayhan, Osaylan, Harib and other regions in eastern Yemen last month and Hodeidah in the country's west this month./ Multiple media outlets.
  5. The UAE reiterates its threat to the Tihami Forces it will hit them with airstrikes if they try to retake territories surrendered to Houthis/Yeni Yemen website
  6. The exchange rate of foreign currencies is in continuous rise against the Yemeni riyal/Ayn Almahrah
  7. The head of the GPC party in [eastern Yemen's] Shabwa and Yemen's former Interior Minister Ahmed Al-Maysari says, says, "we assert support to the state institutions and leadership of the local government of Shabwa in the face of the persistent UAE conspiracies." Multiple media outlets.

  8. Houthis destroy the wireless telecommunication tower of GSM operator Sabafon in Marib for the second time in a month. Sabafon is the only telecommunication company in Yemen operating outside the Houthi militia's areas of control, which affords safe communication from Houthi spying./Multiple websites.

  9. Hundreds of Houthi militants killed in Aljooba of Marib on Monday and Tuesday as the militia accelerate their years long war to march on the government-held city./Multiple sources.

  10. Seven thousand civilians have fled the Red Sea governorate of Hodeidah over fear of Houthi militants, days after the sudden withdrawal of the Combined Forces and advance of Houthis/Ayn Almahrah website.



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