Gaining more territories does not mean gaining more power

Gaining more territories does not mean gaining more power


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


The Houthi capture of vast Hodeidah lands after the Combined Forces' recent withdrawal does not necessarily mean they will gain more might and resources than they have.


They have been importing the smuggled rockets and ammunition they want already through Hodeidah seaport.


What they gained the other day in Hodeidah was only more vast expanses of land. Everyone knows the disadvantage a military force gets from becoming overstretched.


Houthis have bitten more they can chew and want to bite more from our large country.


The government in Taiz and the country's eastern strongholds can still fight back and turn to the style of attrition war with the internationally pampered Shiit terrorist network.


It is true the withdrawal of the so-called Combined Forces was meant as a stab in the government's back and is the latest in a non-ending series of international maneuvers to erode the government's power and enable Houthis more and more.


The remaining governmental strongholds like Taiz can still find Houthis an easier prey being a less armed successor to Tarq's Guards if Houthis occupy Al-Mokha.


Taiz, in my opinion, needs to prepare itself with an army of experts in clearing landmines, Houthis' main weapon to besiege the government's bastions.


Taiz, as well as Marib, need to find a way to break free from influences of foes in the guise of friends who deny them the freedom to organize and have autonomous leadership.

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