Thousands of civilians continue to flee Hodeidah: Press Summary

Thousands of civilians continue to flee Hodeidah: Press Summary

  1. Thousands of civilians continue to flee Hodeidah southward including to Almokha of Taiz after the withdrawal of the Combined Forces CF and Houthi advance and capture of territories/Multiple websites
  2. The Tihami Forces, part of the Combined Forces, are still resisting the Houthi militia's advance in Al-Haymah after the rest of the CF made the ambiguous withdrawal. /Multiple websites
  3. Peace won't come by appealing to Houthis, but by forcing them militarily to accept it, said Yemen's ambassador to the UK/Multiple websites
  4. The commander of the Tihami Forces says the CF's withdrawal was a painful deception and it teaches the Tihama people a lesson that no one willliberate their land from but themselves./Multiple websites
  5. The Tihami Forces forcibly evict the Houthi militants from villages south of Hodeidah/Yemeni Sport website
  6. An ambiguous withdrawal and surrender of Hodeidah to Houthis after the visit of the UN envoy to the nearby Almokha/ Multiple websites
  7. Tens of Houthi militants killed and wounded in fighting around Marib/ Multiple websites
  8. Here are the secret details of the withdrawal from the western coast/Newsline
  9. The Yemeni riyal keeps falling to new lows against other currencies/Yemen Voice.
  10. A Houthi sniper shot dead a woman near her house in Taiz on Saturday/Crater Sky

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