Yemeni MPs ask Hadi to procure weapons for the army: Major news of the week

Yemeni MPs ask Hadi to procure weapons for the army: Major news of the week

  1. 25 Yemeni MPs asked the country's president Hadi to procure weapons from any source and equip his lightly armed army to confront the heavily-armed Houthis /Multiple websites.
  2. Marib's governor Sultan Al-Eradah vows Houthi militants won't be able capture his province "even if [the Houthi movement's founder] Hussein Al-Houthi rises back from the dead" /Multiple websites
  3. A pregnant journalist Rasha Abdullah was killed and her husband was wounded days after receiving phone threats from the Houthi militia/Multiple websites
  4. Houthi militants fire three ballistic missiles on Taiz, the coast and inner city causing casualties/Multiple websites
  5. The Yemeni version of riyal outside Houthi areas of control continues to fall against other currencies due to measures taken by the Houthi militia in 2020 including the ban of the government's then newly printed banknotes/Multiple websites
  6. Security forces in Shabwa foil an attempt to blow an oil pipeline in the governorate/Multiple websites
  7. The first visit by a UN envoy to the Taiz takes place with no UN act to break the six year siege by the Houthi rebels around the city/Multiple website.
  8. The head of the government's negotiation team to lift the Houthi siege on Taiz Abdulkarim Shayban says it is surprising that the UN special envoy indicated during his latest visit to Taiz that he treats the Taiz siege as a political issue within the political government-Houthi negotiations, instead of treating as a pressing humanitarian issue to be resolved soon/Balqees TV channel.
  9. Activist Jihad Saleh Mukaber died on Monday a few days after his release from a Houthi-run jail where he sustained kidney failure and other injuries due to three of torture. Several people have similarly died during detention or days after release from the Houthi jail/Multiple websites.

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