Yemen gov't slams Houthi assassination of female journalist

Yemen gov't slams Houthi assassination of female journalist

Yemen's government has slammed the Houthi militia's assassination of a pregnant female journalist and injury of her husband by bombing their car in the southern port of Aden on Tuesday.

"The terror operation is part of the Iran-backed Houthi militia's cowardly terrorist attacks to disrupt the government's efforts toward re-normalizing the situation and to destabilize the security in the temporary capital Aden," said Yemen's Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani late Tuesday evening.

Earlier in the day a Gulf-based TV channel correspondent Rasha Abdullah and her unborn baby were killed and her husband Mahmoud Al-Ottomi was severely wounded as an explosive planted on their car exploded while they were driving to work.

The assassination, the minister and other sources said, came days after the couple received phone threats from the Shiit theocratic militia controlling large parts of northwest Yemen.

Yemeni media outlets published graphic images of with the fetus thrown in the scene.

To deny the terrorist nature distinguishing Houthis, the international community through its organizations (e.g the UN) and media arms use the bothside-ism fallacy to lower the Houthi level of guilt down to the government's lower and cleaner one, and from there use the false argument two 'warring parties' and equal 'righters abusers'.

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