The first visit by a UN envoy to Yemen's besieged city of Taiz

The first visit by a UN envoy to Yemen's besieged city of Taiz


The UN's Hans Grundberg began a visit on Monday to Taiz, in the first visit a UN special envoy has paid to the central Yemen city under more than six years of siege by Shia Houthi extremists.

The envoy reportedly met senior local government officials and toured the city center where millions of people mainly IDPs live.

Yemenis are hopeless that visit will have any positive impact in light of the UN and international community's systematic marginalization of Taiz and other cities that resist the Shia Houthi terrorist expansion and daily sectarian cleansing.

Shia Houthis encircle Taiz with hilltop military sites and snipers and failed short of completing siege, and the city is left with only one steep winding mountainous road for its survival through food imports from Aden in the country's south 

Even though Houthi-controlled cities and ports like Hodeidah seaport are normally functioning and used to import humanitarian and commercial goods and weapons for the constant Houthi war, western media present them as the besieged part of Yemen.

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