Houthi extremist kills his father in north Yemen: Press Summary

Houthi extremist kills his father in north Yemen: Press Summary

  1. A Houthi extremist (Ghamdan Ali Alshegagi) shot dead his father in north Yemen's province on Wednesday, the latest in a growing rate of parenticides and the second in a month by members of the Shiit Houthi militia/Multiple websites
  2. Yemen's army launches an operation to liberate two districts in Marib (Aljooba and Harib)/Watan News website
  3. Houthis are deploying hundreds of children to the warfront against the government in Marib, says Information Minister/Aden Alghad
  4. The Yemeni riyal continues to free-fall against other currencies reaching all-time low of 1520 against the US dollars in the STC-militia controlled Aden and affiliate government-held towns of Marib and Taiz/Multiple websites
  5. Yemen Prime Minister says the currency depreciation in the government-held areas is a guided war/Maz Press
  6. More than 250 Houthi soldiers have been killed in the past two days in Marib's outskirts/Multiple websites
  7. People find a dismembered human body in Sana'a city/Al-Rashad Press
  8. Yemen's army recaptures important sites, south of Marib/Aden Alghad
  9. The Southern Transitional Council militia physically eliminate a frontline government soldier in the southern Dhale'a province and torture others after they foiled an attempt by the militia to smuggle arms to Houthis./Multiple websites

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