Houthis kill three new civilians in Taiz: Press Summary

Houthis kill three new civilians in Taiz: Press Summary


  1. Houthi militants fire a shell on a car killing three new civilians and wounding two others in Jabal Habashi district, west of Taiz on Tuesday/Multiple websites
  3. Yemen's government announces its intent to set up five new IDPs camps to accommodate thousands of new families displaced by the Houthi war on Marib province/Multiple website
  4. A Houthi gunman kills five auto mechanics by shooting fire on them in a shop in [central Yemen's] Radaa. The horrific crime caught by a CCTV camera shocked the whole country/Multiple websites
  5. The Houthi militia shell Jabal Habashi one of Jabal Habashi's villages in Taiz killing and injuring five civilians/Al-Rashad Press
  6. The government reiterates its call on the UN mission in Hodeidah to relocate its headquarter to a netural zone away from the influences of Houthi militants/Multiple websites
  7. Yemen's riyal records worst devaluation level versus other currencies/Almoghared Press website
  8. A government official denies the UAE forces' withdrawal from the Balhaf natural gas liquefaction facility/Bawabati
  9. Houthi militants ransack a Sunni library and burn its books in Osaylan district in [eastern Yemen's] Shabwa governorate/Anaween Post



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