Yemen pushes back on Houthis recaptures areas

Yemen pushes back on Houthis recaptures areas


Yemen's army has pushed back on Houthis on different warfronts in the country's east despite the recent advancements of the well-armed Houthi Shia militants.

Yemen's army has cleared out fighters from areas the terrorist Houthi group had just captured south of Marib governorate, Yemeni officials and military sources in the field have said.

"The Yemeni army and its supporting tribes have recaptured the center of Aljooba district," said the Yemeni Information Ministry's advisor Ahmed Almusaybli in a tweet.

Meanwhile a convoy of government forces in the neighboring Shabwa governorate have begun moving toward Bayhan t liberate it from Houthis who had captured in the same major encroachment of last month on Marib's and Shabwa's districts, southern and western respectively.

 Yemen's Shia militants fight Yemen's unarmed army with the modern arsenal and counter-terrorism equipment inherited from the former regime of Saleh.

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