Facts few people know about Yemen's war

Facts few people know about Yemen's war

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. Houthis' most lethal weapon is 1- The sea of 25 millions people who live in the militia's areas control and can't refuse recruitment.
  3. Houthis have a determination to fight endlessly or "until the Day of Judgment" as they consciously assert, because they have unbelievable quantity of hatred (for Sunnis) to last them this long.
  4. Many international media outlets are currently disseminating a unified propaganda message that the Shiit Houthi war on Marib is meant to "strengthen their bargaining position in any possible future peace." Houthis want Marib's oil fields but they also want the entire Yemen and their ambitions are beyond Yemen, being a religious Shiit movement that envisions a Shiit sort of caliphate.
  6. Houthis benefit from Marib's domestic gas and oil more than Marib itself.

And they use the returns of overpriced fuel in their areas of control to amass wealth and finance the everlasting war on Marib!

  2. Unlike what international officials suggest, it is almost impossible for the government or any faction to reach peace with Houthis. Houthis are a religious theocratic movement born to fight for the unrivaled rule of the Houthi dynasty in their alleged capacity and privilege for being from the Prophet's bloodline.
  4. No army in the history of the world has been handcuffed like Yemen's legitimate army:

No armament. No salaries. No telecommunications system. No sovereignty to organize itself and the operation in the theatres of the battle with Houthis.

No freedom of offensive on Houthi-held cities with the available weapons such as they are. – Only defense is allowed.

No administrative freedoms in return for accepting military commanders selected and appointed by external pressures.

No access to a government and a president based in the country.

No freedom of communication with the president and government in their exile.

No freedom to control any of the country's sea, land or air ports.

No freedom of expression and criticism of the allies for allowing Houthis access and import of weapons and Iranian generals.

No right to administer the "liberated" regions, and not even to stay in them (other coups were masterminded to evict the government).

 No freedom to have revenues, or the privilege of a government that runs the central bank, or tells the public 'we are not to blame for the economic collapse because we were blocked from any real presence in Aden or real exertion of authority.'

And the list of handcuffs and shackles goes on and on.

  2. The international community shows no interest in stopping the Shiit Houthi terrorist war in the country. Their only concern is when Houthis achieve a final victory to recognize them as the new government.
  3. The international community will never allow any legitimate democratic government to rule over Yemen, but will allow only a Shiit militia, preferably a religious sectarian militia to suppress the majority of Yemenis. This is my firm belief since 2014 and it is coming true.
  5. If the government-held cities like Marib successfully defend themselves against Houthi invasion depending on own resources, the international community will keep waiting and giving Houthis a long opportunity (time, support and silence over crimes) perhaps even centuries until the Shia Houthis succeed.
  7. Through intensive coverage in 2015-2020, the International media especially western media misrepresented the Yemeni cause in the world as one of Houthi victimhood due to airstrikes.
  9. Yemen's problem is not the war's eruption, but the ineffectuality of the war and airstrikes to dismantle the Houthi terrorists.
  11. Coming under Yemeni criticism, these media outlets may abstain from producing biased reports in Houthis' favor to a large extent as they have done recently.

That is the highest level of morality they can reach.


But they will ignore news and events of Yemen altogether, since they betray the terrorist character of Houthis on a daily basis.


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