Bothside-ism is UN's tactic to avoid naming Houthis as the causers and perpetuators of the war

Bothside-ism is UN's tactic to avoid naming Houthis as the causers and perpetuators of the war

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


The following is an excerpt from the UN Security Council's 20 October press statement:

"The members of the Security Council condemned the Houthi cross-border attacks against Saudi Arabia. They highlighted the 8 October attack on King Abdullah Airport and the drone attacks striking the Abha civilian airport. They condemned the increasing number of incidents off the coast of Yemen, including attacks on civilian and commercial ships, which pose a significant risk to the maritime security of vessels in the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. They stressed the need for de-escalation by all, including an immediate end to the Houthi escalation in Marib. They condemned the recruitment and use of children, and sexual violence, in conflict."

The abuses mentioned in this except are all the (typical) work of Houthis. The statement set them out in full but then calls for "de-escalation by all."

Does anybody know a front or a region where the government forces are escalating?!

In Marib? Taiz? Hodeidah? Dhale'a? Saada? Sana'a? 

Isn't the army on the defensive everywhere? In fact poor defensive – thanks to the conspiracy of weakening.


But in the UN's arbitration, it has be "both-sides" responsibility to de-escalate.

This has been the UN and UN Security Council's arbitration since the Houthis started the first crime and first spark of the Yemeni conflict by overthrowing the government in 2014: An insistent refusal to identify Houthis as the perpetrators and perpetuators of the war.

No matter what, it will always be the responsibility of "both sides" and the need for de-escalation by "both sides"!

Mathematically, it is not possible that there is one side who is behind troublesome. They must be two.  

What is the theme?

This is what happens when nations (like ours, to be honest) fail their cause and the defenders of their dignity (the army); and surrender to and rely on foreigners like the UN to handle the rebellion in their countries.

Had the Turkish people fully and blindly relied on the foreigners to put down the coup  coup d'état of 2016, their country would have been heaps of rubble by now, with the UN Security Council calling for de-escalation by "both sides" !




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