River of Houthi fighters continues to flow onto Marib since February 6

River of Houthi fighters continues to flow onto Marib since February 6

"Waves after waves after waves of fighters without any pause. It seems they are going to push all the 29 million people in their areas of control onto Marib," said Lt. Abu Ayman who mans a machinegun on one of Marib's frontlines as he describes the Houthi persistent attempt to invade the government-held city where three million escapees from the terrorist militia live.

"It is like a river of fighters flowing onto Marib since February 6," he says.

February 6 was the day after the US Biden administration indicated its intent to reverse a recent terror designation of Houthis left by Trump at the end of his term. Houthis and Yemenis generally perceived it as a green light to the Shiit terrorist network to go ahead with its sectarian war.  

"Today, Houthis tried to force their way into Aljooba [district] in almost 20 waves, each wave comprising almost 50 fighters. No one made it. The heroes (of the army) either gunned them down or forced them to flee," Abu Ayman says.

"The invasion and repulsion extended over more than 24 hours," he says. "But this has been the case of unwavering Houthi try on Marib for years, especially since February."  

"Rarely does a day go without any of the fronts repelling waves."




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