Fierce confrontations in Aljooba as Houthis are sending overwhelming waves of fighters: Press Summary

Fierce confrontations in Aljooba as Houthis are sending overwhelming waves of fighters: Press Summary


  1. Fierce clashes are raging in Aljooba of Marib as Houthis are sending overwhelming waves of fighters onto the army's outposts/Almashehad Alkhaleeji website
  2. Yemen's information minister has renewed warnings of an imminent humanitarian tragedy as a result of the Houthi military escalation in Marib and Shabwa eastern provinces.

Muammar Al-Eryani said the Houthi militia's deliberate shelling with ballistic missiles, drones, and other heavy Marib's southern districts (Rahba, Al-Juba, Harib) and Shabwa's western districts (Bayhan, Ayin, Esaylan) has forced thousands of families to flee in a second and third waves of displacements./Saba website

  1. With all malice, the UK is seeking to return Yemen to the pre-1962 and 1967 date, says Yemeni researcher Ali Al-Dhahab/Headlines Post
  2. A Yemeni military researcher warns of attempts to divide Yemen via cancelling the UNSC resolution 2216/Bawabati
  3. Recent British statements enrage Yemenis. Why?/Yemen News Agency (YNA)
  4. Senior member of the Houthi militia Mohammed Almaqaleh criticizes own militia for starting a campaign of confiscating houses of oppositionists in Sana'a. He said things are out of control warning the militia: One day it will come back to you. /Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  5. Terrorism strikes in Taiz: Gunmen assasinate Islah and popular resistance member Dhiya Al-Ahdal/Al-Islah Net.
  6. Houthis execute a minor (17 y o Moheeb Sarhan), burn his dead body and dump it in the road and arrest his relatives in Taiz/Almashehad Alyemeni
  7. Houthi escalation increases displacements in Marib and Shabwa/24 Post
  8. Lebanon's Hezbollah party lost six militants in the battles against the Yemeni government forces in Marib./Orient, a Syrian news website

  9. Malnutrition increases in six provinces besieged by the Houthi militia/Aden Alghad

  10. Houthis execute wounded tribal fighters and turn schools to detention facilities in captured district of Abdiya in Marib./Aden Alghad


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