Houthis erase crime with a new crime: fire missile to make public forget Abdiya atrocities

Houthis erase crime with a new crime: fire missile to make public forget Abdiya atrocities

A new balistic missile fired by Houthis left 15 civilian casualties in Yemen’s eastern Marib province on Wednesday, in an apparent bid to distrct the public’s attention from the Shiit militia’s ongoing and larger scale atrocities agains civilians Abdiya district.

The missile fired from Sana’a hit a neighborhood in Al-Rowdha in Marib’s provincial capital wounding unspecting men and women, mostly escapees from the militia’s years long crackdown in northwest the country.

Analyst Osama Ali said the militia “apparently want to distract people’s attention from the ongoing bigger crimes against humanity in Abdiya that the militia have done and still do.”

“Of course they regularly fire ballistic missiles sometimes to vent anger at losses in the battlefield with the army and sometimes, like this time, to erase the Abdiya from our minds so that they keep doing what they are doing with the thousands of hostages there without our attention,” he said.

“They are a militia of devious tactics. Now after capturing Abdiya district’s center, they have swept hundreds of people to Sana’a jails and are executing wounded fighters and civilian oppositionists,” he said.

“Because they want to abuse all or most of the 35 thousand residents of Abdiya, they had to turn the local governmnt’s building and houses to detention facilities where hundreds of people are now being tortured. They are also bringin Zaynabiyat (religious policewomen) from Sana’a, storming houses in Abdiya and assaulting and torturing women their houses,” he said.

“Who cares. The international organisations are competely under the Houthis’ infleunce. Locals in Abdiya’s center appealed to the ICRC a lot to help them when they were still besieged. There was no response. When the Houthis stormed the area, the ICRC came. Obvious signs of liason between the two.”

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