Yemen’s army regains even more territories

Yemen’s army regains even more territories


Although it is no match to Houthis in too many things including military equipment, manpower reserves and foreign direct and indirect funding, Yemen’s army is still able to resist the Shia terrorist militia and regain control of lost territories.

Yesterday, the army recaptured strategic mountains and sites in Aljooba, Harib, and Abdiya districts south of Marib province.

Today, it captured Al-Suweida stratetigc hilltop and the military camp of Brigade 163 and cut some of the enemy’s supply lines in Bayhan disrict north of Shabwa and forces Houthi militants to flee northward toward Beidha governroate.

These districts in Marib and its neighbor Shabwa had been lost earlier this month in a surprise Houthi invasion after the Yemeni local governbment of Shabwa angered the UAE by the demanding the removal of its troops from the country’s Balhaf gas export terminal.

The latest invasions betrayed the Shiit militia’s possession of more sophisticated drones of heavier payload capability and an unprecdented abundance of munitions, as military eyewitnesses said.





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