The only way to defeat Houthis

The only way to defeat Houthis

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Our Ulema need to break silence and declare to the population in Houth areas the individual duty (Fardh Ayn) to migrate to Marib – directly to the frontlines to defend the country.

The Ulema in exile should do away with fear, come back home and declare Marib and Taiz assembly points.

On top of the numerous privileges, Houthis control the population centers, actually a sea of population to scoop fighters from.

They have exhausted Marib, while they still have 20 something million potential fighters.

Some powers planned from the beginning to have this Shiit terrorist militia in control of the population majority for this sickly purpose.

Houthis are extremely determined to commit the entire population for their war however long it lasts, as they make it clear explicitly and implicitly . Who can refuse?!

They are enlisting very young children, elderly people, deaf and dumb people, the marginalized Yemenis and African migrants.

If it comes down to it, they will even enlist the disabled to come on wheelchairs and fight for Abdulmalik Al-Houthi's cause as long as these paralyzed still have a working finger to pull the trigger.

It is impossible for the people in Houthi areas to refuse recruitment as long as they are living there. 

In Marib, there is relatively far less population and a soldier killed or wounded is hardly replaced.

Houthis have been fighting without stopping since the beginning of 2020  and around-the-clock since February, drawing from this population of nearly 24 million they view as a toolkit provided by God to the supremacist Hashemites to use as they deem appropriate.

They have sacrificed 25,000 fighters to make the relative gains since the beginning of 2020 and are willing to fight to the end of time.   

A militia with such a doggedness and such a huge reserve of fighters among other advantages is highly likely to win the war unless the whole nation stands up to them.

And since the political leadership is not available, Ulema should break their silence, and lead the battle against Houthi terrorists to clear their responsibility before Allah and the nation.

Tens of thousands of Yemeni people led by the Ulema will put up a better fight than the ongoing one, and roll back Houthi control in a short span of time, days or weeks.

But the Ulema should take the stance.

They should ponder on the necessity to save the nation, and take the decision fearing none but Allah.

"(The Prophets are those) who convey God’s Messages and feel great awe of Him; and they hold none but God in awe. God suffices as One Who reckons and settles the accounts (of His servants)." Quran Sura: 33. Verse:40

They ought to choose between saying the "Truth" to save the whole nation or staying silent to save themselves.

Houthis are changing the school curricula and brainwashing our young generations at a fast pace.

The Ulema should remind the people in Houthi areas of the duty of Hijrah, while they still remember they are Sunnis!

That the Ulema keep silent, fail the nation and leave it face its turbulent times alone is really unbelievable.



  • This is my personal firm perspective by which I, as a journalist, share an idea on how to save Yemen according to what I firmly know is best and most moral, and by which I clear my personal responsibility before Allah.

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