Houthi who slaughtered his father was exacting revenge over his Sunni name, expert

Houthi who slaughtered his father was exacting revenge over his Sunni name, expert


The man who slaughtered his father in Yemen's northern Amran province on Wednesday was exacting revenge on his father for giving him a Sunni name in his childhood, an expert in the Shia Houthi militia's secret world said.

The expert said, on the condition of anonymity, that Omar Sabr Ali Mukarram, a Sunni as his name suggests, "was brainwashed by the Houthis in or on the sideline of his Shiit sectarian radicalization course to hate his father for being Sunni and giving him a Sunni name."

"It is unarguable and widely known that he killed his father after taking a Houthi radicalizing course," said. "Youngsters completing these Twelver Shiit mind control sessions end up killing their parents. This is a new normal in Houthi-held areas. But what makes Omar slaughter his father in such despicable cruelty must be the outcome of special incitement against his father over naming him Omar, [an early Muslim Sunni] figure whom Houthis dislike greatly."

The expert said, "Houthis get their bloodthirsty desires completely fulfilled identical to any other terror group. The only difference is their terrorism is an action-only phenomenon. I mean they teach their members to eliminate their 'infidel' relatives without filming and airing it as other groups do."

Omar cut the throat of his Sunni father in their village of Alzubeir in Amran and fled to the Houthi anti-government warfront right away.

Many young people radicalized by the Shiit terrorist group have killed their parents over the past months for being Sunni or in disagreement with their newly learned ideology.

The international community is so in denial about terrorist religious nature of the Shiit militia and is pushing the Yemeni government to seek an impossible negotiation with it.




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