Houthis destroy 6 villages in Abdiya: Press Summary

Houthis destroy 6 villages in Abdiya: Press Summary


  1. Houthis destroy 6 villlages in Abdiya of Marib and the wave of displacements is unprecedented./Ayn Almahrah website
  2. Premier Maeen Abdulmalik: Houthis won't yield to peace unless suppressed militarily/ Multiple websites
  3. Faysal Alshabeebi: The weirdest war in history is the Yemeni/Aden Alghad
  4. The government is demanding a firm international stance to deter the Houthi attack on Marib/Nabdh Al-Share'aa
  5. Houthis blow up the house of Maj. Gen. Al-Shaddadi hours after blowing up the house of Maj. Gen. buheibeh/Yemeni Sport
  6. After capturing the center of Abdiya, Houthis arrest locals including wounded ones and transport them to Sana'a/Multiple websites

  7. The Houthi militia commit war crimes and genocides amidst a suspicious international silence, says Information Minister Al-Eryani/Almeethaq News

  8. The Houthi militia shell the villages of Al-Abdiya prompting an unprecedented wave of dispalcements/Al-Rashad Press
  9. An unprecedented fall of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies this Saturday/Ejaz Press
  10. A massive protest in Taiz on Saturday over the continuing fall of the riyal and soar of food prices/Multiple websites.
  11. Houthi militants kill a12-year old boy (Naser Al-Odhari Al-Thabeti) in Abdiya district of Marib and carry out a large scale campaign of arrests of civilians taking them to unknown places./Marib News, a facebook page.

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