Money exchange close as riyal keeps falling: Press Summary

Money exchange close as riyal keeps falling: Press Summary


  1. Money exchange businesses close in Aden as the Yemeni riyal keeps falling against foreign currencies/Multiple websites
  2. Yemen is enduring huge financial losses due to the closure of Balhaf gas facility/Crater Sky website
  3. Hundreds of Houthi killed as they tried to advance in Marib's Jooba district/Alharf 28.
  4. Houthis fire two ballistic missiles on Jooba district of Marib, one on a bridge and one on a petrol station./Multiple websites
  5. The Arab Coalition foils two Houthi boat bomb attacks in the Red Sea/Multiple websites
  6. Food prices have increased 70% in the "government-controlled" territories in Yemen since the beginning of 2021, the WFP has said/Multiple websites
  7. The Yemeni government has confirmed that Abdiya region in Marib had run out of food and drugs supply as the Houthi militia's siege on the region continues for nearly a month. Equipment in the region's sole hospital have stopped functioning too/Al-Sahwa Net

-         Nine civilians have been killed and 123 people have been wounded as a result of rocket attacks by the militia since the siege of Abdiya began. /Crater Sky

  1. Marib's governor confirmed on Wednesday that Houthis keep blocking aid supplies to besieged Abdiya./Al-Rashad Press
  2. A human rights network has documented more than 2000 Houthi crimes in Abdiya./Alsahwa Net


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