International and western pro-Houthi propaganda exposed

International and western pro-Houthi propaganda exposed

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Words and phrases from American think-tank Jamestown Foundation's article "Yemen’s Houthis Close in on Marib"


  1. "The fall of Marib city will also further de-legitimize the IRG, both domestically and internationally."


My comment:  Yes, you are right. In a world ruled by the anti-Christ, the Shia terrorist network will become legitimate if they capture Marib. Because they have been conducting the global power's holy war mission of killing Sunnis. Lord willing, your wish will be disappointed.


  1. "The rebels of the Yemeni Houthi movement"

  2. In response to this offensive, Saudi Arabia increased the tempo of its airstrikes and stepped in to ensure more aid was delivered to IRG-allied tribal militias

  3. "Despite these repelled attacks and a shortage of soldiers, Ansar Allah still consolidated control of much of the new territory around Marib city"


My comment: Houthis have no shortage of soldiers. The international conspirators have planned from the beginning that Houthis control the population centers to scoop as many fighters as they want.



  1. "Ansar Allah almost always pursues a dual track approach when it is on the offensive: negotiations with local stakeholders precede armed conflict and, if the negotiations initially fail, those negotiations continue alongside armed conflict."

  2. Ansar Allah knows that seizing Marib will be militarily and politically costly. Thus, Ansar Allah will likely encircle the city.


My comment: Oh yeah Mr. westerner? Your beloved Shia militants believe in negotiations and they take political costs of war into account?! Come on Mr. westerner! You know deep down inside that you are not telling the truth.


  1. "Encirclement will also limit damage to the city."


My comment: Dear western author. You and your institution JTF sound like playing the role of a doctor placing a target over a sentenced man's heart in preparing for his state-ordered execution by fire squad.  This is not the first time you recommend the way to slaughter the Sunni stronghold of Marib.

A smart follower will discover your cautious incitement very easily.


I have got a proof: Last time, you were indirectly marketing the idea of a coup de grâce to finish off Marib and the remaining Sunni influence and people in Yemen. There was a unity in the headline and text of that peaceless piece of yours. Come on Mr. westerner: No one understands your vices individuals and research institutions like I do. This is a battle between the 'Truth' and 'Falsehood' if you understand Muslim terms. Allah Almighty is on our side.

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