GPC party deputy head calls on President Hadi to withdraw from the Stockholm Agreement

GPC party deputy head calls on President Hadi to withdraw from the Stockholm Agreement


  1. Deputy head of the GPC party in Marib has called on President Hadi to withdraw from the Stockholm Agreement which Houthis have violated tens of times./Marib News and other websites
  2. Houthis fire a ballistic missile on Aljadeeda village in the densely populated Aljooba district, south of Marib governorate this Saturday morning/ Alharf 28 website
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  4. A number of banks go bankrupt in Sana'a, but the Houthi militia disallow them to declare their bankruptcy/Yemen TV Channel website
  5. The tribe of Sanahan in Sana'a are on high alert and tensions as the Houthi militia keep confiscating properties and lands to their families of their militants killed in the warfonts/Al-Ettihad Net
  6. Houthis impose tight restrictive measures on passengers coming into the militia-controlled territories [from STC and government controlled territories]./News Line
  7. Yemen's Foreign Ministry expresses surprise over the international community's silence over the Houthi crimes/Saba news agency
  8. Saudi Arabia condemns international silence over Houthi rocket attacks from Yemen/Multiple websites

  9. Army official: Number of Houthi militants killed making mad dash toward army's sites (south of Marib) is beyond imaginations. /Yemen TV channel website
  10. The Yemeni riyal makes new fall against foreign currencies/Crater Sky

  11. Houthis sent 480 marginalized young Yemenis (from African origin) to Taiz and Marib warfronts last week as per Houthi leader's directives./Al-Ettihad Net

  12. The government accuses Houthis of planning to flood their areas of control with drugs to trap tens of thousand of young people and raise war funds. /Yemen Talk

  13. Houthis heavily shell the besieged Marib district of Al-Abdiya endangering thousands of people in addition to cutting food and medical supply to them/Yeni Yemen.
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  15. Schools closed and eight thousand students have lost the opportunity to continue their education since Houthis besieged Al-Abdiya region south of Marib last month./Alrai Press

  16. Seven two consecutive hours of battles south of Marib as Houthis make suicidal push toward army's sites/Martial Media facebook page of the army

  17. Houthis are launching a major offensive attack on Marib this time 1:30 in the afternoon./Crater Sky

  18. Fighting is flaring in more than 10 fronts now and the battles are decisive./News Line

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