Houthis get weapons from everywhere, a fact UN reports ignore

Houthis get weapons from everywhere, a fact UN reports ignore

An unmanned aerial vehicle that appeared at a weapons exhibition held earlier this year by the rebels ruling much of Yemen bears a striking resemblance to the kamikaze drone believed to have been used later in a deadly attack against an oil tanker off the coast of Oman, experts attributed to Newsweek last week.


Meanwhile, Yemen military sources announced on Sunday that the country's army had downed an Israeli UAV, a quadcopter, in Aljadafer front between the northern provinces of Marib and Aljawf.

The UAV (pictured) was poised to drop bombs on a site manned by army members before they brought it down.


Meanwhile, army sources have said the army suffered some unnecessary retreats last month in Marib, "not because of anything except that the Kalashnikov bullets – and food – to the men on the frontline had been in short supply."


Foreign secret pressures have ensured from the beginning of the war in 2015 an undeclared ban on the armament of the Yemeni national army, while allowing only the Shia Houthis to inherit, outsource, and develop a modern arsenal to press ahead with their sectarian war against the government and Sunni majority in Yemen. 


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