Landmine news

Landmine news

Prepared by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. Three civilians have been killed and injured by Houthi-laid landmines in Hajjah and Hodeidah provinces in north west Yemen: Malek Mohammed Beeshi (28) was killed and Mohammed Moosa Harmal (in his 20s) sustained a limb loss in Hajjah; and Mohammadah Mohammed Abdullah Jalajel, a pregnant in her seventh month, lost he two legs by an internationally banned type of landmine in Almasna village in Hodeidah/ Multiple websites reported this yesterday.
  2. Two men were killed and a third was injured by landmines in Taiz on Wednesday while trying to collect the dead bodies on the frontline between the government forces and Houthi militants. The three members of a mediation team for the exchange of prisoners and dead bodies, came across a booby-trapped body that exploded in their face on Wednesday evening. Now all the bodies are in their place and no one has dared to make try and collect them for fear of another explosive that might've been planted by the terrorist militia (Houthis)/Bawabati and Anbaa Aden websites.


Editor's comment:

News of landmine explosions and new casualties in Yemen never stop.

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