New Houthi ballistic missile hits Marib, new civilian casualties: Press Summary

New Houthi ballistic missile hits Marib, new civilian casualties: Press Summary

Prepared by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


  1. Breaking News: A new Houthi ballistic missile hit Al-Rowdha neighborhood in Marib a few moments ago (this Thursday evening), reportedly incurring casualties among the civilians ./Almashehad Alkhaleeji website
  2. A Yemeni man who works with Médecins Sans Frontières becomes latest victim of the Southern Transitional Council militia in Toor Albaha in (the southern province of) Lahj after the Yemeni-American Abdulmalik Alsanabani. Atef Alharazi who hails from Taiz and works for the MSF office in Al-Ka'ida region, Ibb, was shot dead and his money was confiscated on Tuesday in just the same way as they did to Alsanabani last month./Akhbar Taiz and other websites
  3. Houthis storm a Salafis-run mosque in Sana'a/Ababeel
  4. Since last midnight, the STC militia have swept dozens of Taizi people from their houses and workplaces in Aden into jail on the alleged charge of "being collaborators with the Muslim Brotherhood."/Akhbar Taiz

  5. Houthis launched fiercest attack on Almashjah front in Marib early Thursday. The government forces repelled them killing 40 militantsand forcing others to flee/Almashehad

  6. A lethal fever has started spreading in the city of Taiz besieged by Houthis, medical sources have said/Anbaa Aden.

  7. Houthis have used Prophet Mohammed's Birth Day as an opportune season to rob shopkeepers and traders in the name of contributions to the costs of the celebrative ceremonies/Al-Sahwa Net and other websites.

  8. Clashes renew between government forces and Houthis in Taiz/Multiple websites
  9. The army has regained the strategic area of Najd Almjmaa south of Marib from the Houthi militia and forced the militants to flee, in the biggest gain of kind in three years./Almashehad Alyemeni
  10. Houthis suffer major losses in Taiz./Yemen Time


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