Houthi's unspoken message to Marib: I have more fighters than you have got bullets

Houthi's unspoken message to Marib: I have more fighters than you have got bullets


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


Tribal leader and head of the GPC party in Marib Abdulwahed Nemran said on Wednesday, "We are facing a flood of fighters" coming from the far north of Yemen as he referred to the Houthi militia. 


Nemran was speaking to Balqees TV near his machine-gun and tribesmen-mounted pickup truck on the new southern frontline of Marib that Houthis had recently launched in their desperate attempt to force their way into Marib from any direction.

"They (Houthis) have got a huge reserve of manpower," he said, and then understated it as "One of our men is equivalent to a thousand of theirs."


At the same time, Facebook pages were mentioning the nuisance Houthi militiamen get from the stink of their fellows' dead bodies in the open and the militia having, for the first time, started collecting bodies of own militants, in a departure from the habit of collecting only the bodies of Qanadeel (luminaires), militants of Houthi bloodline rather than militants from the commons.


The bodies of Houthi fighters decaying in hundreds in the open across the Marib frontline has become something usual. The Houthis' bargaining with the army blatantly focused on securing the release of prisoners and dead bodies from the Qanadeel class only is something well known.


The unspoken message of the Houthi leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi to Marib and cities still resisting his militia is ' I have got more fighters and more humans to fight for me than you have got Kalashnikov bullets. I am determined to defeat you even if I will need to sacrifice millions of people. I have them under my control and no one is able to refuse to fight in my side."


This message has actually been somewhat frankly spoken by Mohammed Al-Bukheiti the militia's 'governor for Dhamar' who hinted at times that 'we have 30 million people' versus Marib's only two million people. 


Other senior members of the terrorist militia have beaten around this bush a lot.


This is how the Houthi leaders think.


Another clue to reinforce what I am saying, is Houthis are pretty much obsessed with clampdown on family planning.


The externally-backed Shia militia openly adopt a policy of contraceptive ban with a view to increase the population and feel sure that they have enough reserves of people for the future wars.

A lot has been written about this Houthi policy in the Arabic press.



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